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Video & Film

At Go Fan, we want to provide tips and info about how to grow. We cam across this video with managing a YouTube channel and growing. It covers subscribers, YouTube shorts and fighting the algorithm.

This creates some issues. Many believe their youtube subscriber base to be their Fanbase, the ONLY visual and data point of where you stand and who your fans are. But youtube itself doesn't use it in that way.

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Do Japanese girls want to date foreign guys?

Hello world! We are J's crib. Our concept is share the truth of Japan to entire world . A lot of people believe that Japan is just an amazing place with amazing things. But unfortunately it's not like that... Of course we proud of our country, but there is not just the bright side. So we want to you guys to know the difference between ideal and reality of Japan. And we want you guys to know more about Japan! Todays topic is "Do Japanese girls want to date foreign guys?" please check this out.