Go Fan is a crowdfunding site to help promote and increase the communication between Online Content Creators and their Fans.

What kind of content? It can be anything that is created and distributed online for the mass public to enjoy for free. This means:
Youtube videos, Instagram Photos, Individual websites that are maintained, Software, A game's development process and more!

and within those are any of the kinds of categories of content:
Comedy, Instructional content like how to cook, Video Essays about a certain topic the possibilities are endless.

If you make content and would like to build a community around that please give us a try. We will help you through the process to try to help you grow your fan base.

We have a lot of plans down the line but at the start we are focusing on online content creators. People who make content and deliver them directly to their fans in an online public setting.
We have individual rewarding abilities as well as community rewards in the form of milestones.

In the beginning we will launch the site in English and Japanese and hope to improve Online Content creators fan support to bridge the gap between these two languages and regions.

We also want it to be easy for people to see the content people make by browsing the site providing an opportunity for content creators to be seen.


Rewards and milestones

A reward would be something given to a Fan who supports at a certain level ex. Getting their name in a video as a thank you.
Whereas a milestone would be something like the Creator is able to get a better Camera for better videos that everyone would benefit from in the form of better content.
Or that they would be able to be supported by their fans enough to increase their content production schedule.

One thing we consciously do not have as a feature on the site is the ability to block content for certain fans as a reward level. There are 2 reasons for this.

1. This would be a subscription and methods for providing content via subscription already exist
2. We believe that getting fan support and showing what you can do to as many people as possible is a very good way to grow.
3. We do not believe it is a good ecosystem to have hundreds of individual micro subscriptions each with their own teirs is conductive for fans being fans to multiple Creators.
In short they would have to pick who they support and watch, potentially stick with those small number of famous content creators and never branch out. Not blocking content is something everyone benefits from.

Overall we want to shift the focus from quality over quantity. Right now with the way many online content platforms work, people need to pump out daily or weekly videos just to stay relevant. But we want those who make even 1 quality video in a month to be able to have a place and keep up a livelihood as well. We believe there is a place for either kind of content on this Platform.

Posting Content

People are free to use whatever site they wish along with Go Fan to crowdfund. If you make YouTube videos, post on instagram or Tiktok or anything else. A creator can use this site as their central hub. To show their fans what they have put created in an organized way and gain financial support from them directly. We also wish to provide context for this support.

Fan Support

Each time someone pays they have an opportunity to provide a TAG and a comment. The tag is something shared across the site. For example the word "Funny" attached to how much they supported. From there, across the whole site there is now a way to see who is getting the most and has the most fans for this tag. It is not possible for a fan to tag in this manner separate from a their funding support. We hope this gives each tag weight, importance and relevance.

Go Fan Structure

We have structured the site as such:

Creator User Pages - A central page to show everything a creator does

Creator Project Pages - A page to focus on one project a creator does, they may have several projects they wish to keep separate. ex. Funny internet videos vs their other channel that focuses on their serious artwork. It is possible to have fans support the specific definition of content that they make to make it very clear what content has fan support. This can also be further clarified with their fan's TAG or COMMENT at the time of their support.

Additionally on every project page is a space for the fans to create content that will live on this page. This will be polls, Fanart, images or videos related to the project. This will help to organize what kind of content a fan creates in relation to a content creator.

Content, blogs etc. - These will be the creators more regular posts going inside a project. When they make a new main content post it is "CONTENT", when there is some general information about what is going on, it can be put into a blog post.

Fan User Page - We will be building on the fan features in the future but it will highlight what kind of fan you are and make it easy for you to show others so they may potentially join and support the Creators you deem are worthy.
All the fan content you create will also be gathered here in 1 place across all projects.

Ok that is probably enough for an introduction. Comments will be open for thoughts as we hope to evolve our services to better provide a powerful and interactive Creator and Fan relationship for many people.