User Guide

User Guide

What to do next as a Creator?

1. Create a project
This is your campaign to get money. You will define what you do, give an example, list out rewards and tell your community at which money milestones you will be able to improve your service to everyone.

2. Create a Creation
This is your actual content use this for each content you will post. While you can put al content on this site it is ok to link to your own site. We suggest providing some content on here though and not just a link, maybe a teaser and some full posts on here so you can build conversions to your site.

3. Create a Blog
This is where you post updates about what you do, put your updates here so your supporters can be notified. Try to keep your updates and your actual content separate. Think of this as your hook so people can get to your content. Vlogs are ok too!


What to do as a Fan?

1. Browse the site!
Look around the home page or content page.

2. Support the creators YOU like the most!
Money is the obvious form of support but this site is about more than just buying the media already available to you. This is your chance to tell the creator WHY you are a fan and have an IMPACT on their course. This site has a focus on the Creator and Fan interaction. When you have something to say to them try to use Go Fan by supporting their projects and commenting on their posts. You can also attach a comment when you pay to ensure they see it over other normal methods of communication. The tag you attach to your payment will aggregate all fan's voices into a chart they can use to get an overall idea of what they are doing right. 

3. Be pro-active!
You don't have to just support. Find something you are passionate about YOU as a fan can make your own campaign!
  • Did you like ONE particular actor in a movie?
  • Is there someone not getting seen enough that you think could be bigger?
  • Do you have TV show that got canceled and you want to see it continued?
  • A movie or video game that deserves a sequel?
You can create a campaign about ANYTHING you are a fan of to improve the situation. All you have to do is <a href="#">Create a campaign.</a>